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Related article: Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 12:37:47 -0800 From: SEAN HAMILTON Subject: Bisexual Lifeguard IIIThanks to all the kind fans of Nifty who've taken time to write me in response to this, and other series. With the all problems in the world it's my hope that my humble stories offer a slight respite from the drudgery of everyday life and allows the reader to enter a fantasy world of depravity and sexual excess which I hope either spurs a satisfying masturbatory session or sex with your adult age partner. Enjoy!My sincere apologies for the delay in posting this chapter. I've been quite busy.To refresh our collective memories:Jared -- Age 12 (Oldest boy. 6" boy cock. Can produce sperm. Slightly shy, very mature, versatile)Ian -- Age 10 (Youngest boy. 4" boy cock. Cannot produce sperm. Outgoing, gregarious, insatiable and an avowed bottom).Lisa -- Age 38. Ian and Jared's mother. Owns her own real estate company. Ver open sexually. Bisexual. Oral and anal. Seduced her sons. 36B, 24, 36. 5' 6", 130 lbs. Blonde hair, green eyes, trimmed pussy.Amy -- My girlfriend. 19 years old. Kinky bisexual into almost anything. Outgoing, vivacious, kinky, and insatiable. 34C, 24, 34. 5'4", 120 lbs. Brunet hair, trimmed pussy.Sean -- That's me. 20-year old bisexual white male. Ten inch cock, cut. Very oral and anal. I love to bottom and top. College swimmer. Voyeur and exhibitionist.Following our first experiences together things took on a life of their own. I changed my schedule at work to `watch' the boys in the afternoons. Lisa supplemented my income by paying me for my lost wages from not being at the pool. The boys had a normal Shy Lolita Toplist summer as well. Lisa enrolled them in a number of 1-week camps. Some were overnighters while others had them home by 4 or 5 PM.Lisa worked long hours so I made sure I was there to make sure they got home OK and feed them a snack. We'd fool around almost every day when they got home. They'd strip naked almost before the front door closed and I often greeted them just inside the door nude and hard. They boys would wolf down their snack often adding to the sexual tension by being equally hard. We'd fuck and suck for a while and then hit the pool to clean up and cool down. By the time Lisa got home all 3 of us had usually cum at least once. Lisa wasn't always in the mood for sex with all 3 of us. I rarely fucked her and most of the time she'd watch us boys go at it. She was naked at home and a lot of times she'd be content to masturbate while watching me with boys. Like a Hollywood director, Lisa would sit in chair and `direct' the 3 of us telling us what to do. It was fun to have sex that way and she was very `direct' about what she wanted us to do.Lisa traveled a lot so I'd stay over night and watch the boys. These would turn into cum filled boy/boy/boy sex sessions often lasting hours at a time. Amy would join us as often as possible. Her work schedule was often till 9 PM so she didn't get to join in too much. She was off during the week for 2-days and most of the time she would spend the whole day with the boys at their house naked, having sex with them. I'd work till 4 PM or so and rush over Shy Lolita Toplist to find the three of them going at it hot and heavy or sleeping off the effects of an earlier session. Amy loved having sex with the boys and her sexual appetite was virtually insatiable. Amy and Lisa made love as often as possible. They often got together one on one enjoying one another sexually without the presence of us `boys'. I was with the two of them a couple of times and it was everything I'd hoped it to be.Full blown orgies with all five of us were rare. Work schedules, the pace of life and the normal ebb and flow of life made such occurrences rare. I can't complain, however, since I was getting laid almost daily.The boys were forming a very strong bond to me. I saw myself as a sort Shy Lolita Toplist of `baby sitter' with a big dick to Lisa. She wasn't aloof or Shy Lolita Toplist overly distant but she and I only interacted in dealing with the boys and my role in watching them and when we had sex (which wasn't often, in fact she and I only had one-on-one sex one time). There was definitely no romantic attraction. Lisa was totally committed to her business and didn't date any men her age. She had 3 always stiff cocks at home to satisfy her and a beautiful young college girl who could eat pussy with the best of `em.The boys had friends from the swim team and school who were common fixtures around the house. The big back yard, the pool, and the boy's room were popular places to hang out. This pleased me because it made sure I knew where the boys were, what they were doing and who they were doing `it' with. Sexually, the boys weren't sexual with anyone of their friends (That I knew of). Jared was very close to 13-year old Denny. Denny was a quiet, shy boy of 5' 2" who was a very handsome boy. He wasn't very athletic and he was sort of awkward. Around me, he hardly spoke. I sort of drew him out of his shell by talking about Super Heroes. He was into them big time and was an `expert' on the most famous.Once weekend, Lisa was out of town for a real-estate conference and Amy had to work and do inventory at the store at the mall. I'd planned on having a wild weekend of boy sex and planned to take the boys to see the summer's latest blockbuster.When I got the house Friday Afternoon (I'd be off from the pool the whole weekend) I was surprised when the boys asked if Denny could spend the night. I called Lisa on her cell phone and got her OK then called Denny's mom."Mrs. Smith, its Sean Hamilton. I take care of Jared and Ian White. I'm the coach of the Swim Team.""Oh yes, I know who you are." Mrs. Smith replied."Ma'am, the boys have asked me if Denny could spend the night. I called Mrs. White and she's OK with it." I went on."We've got plans I'm afraid. Could I talk to Denny please?" She said.I put Denny on the phone and from hearing his side of the conversation he convinced his Mom to let him out of a trip out of town to visit an aging relative. He put his Mom back on the phone."Sean, could Denny stay the weekend? My husband and I are going to Springfield to visit his mother at a nursing home. I hate to impose but it's boring as hell for Denny and he gets along very well with Jared." She pleaded."No problem for me. I'm sure Lisa...I mean Mrs. White, won't mind." I said."Can you handle 3 boys by yourself?" She asked not catching my use of the familiar in using Lisa's name. For appearances sake I pretended to be just the baby sitter."Sure, I handle 24 kids every day on the swim team. Mrs. White went grocery shopping so we've got a full fridge and I planned to take the kids to the movies. Is "Spiderman 21" OK with you?""Not a problem. My husband was going to take Denny to see it next week anyway. We'll stop by and give you some money for the movie on our way out of town.""Don't worry Ma'am, Mrs. White gave me cash for the weekend. We've got enough to cover his ticket and treats.""When we pick him up Sunday, we'll pay her back. I insist.""Sure Ma'am, no problem. Are their dietary restrictions or allergies I need to know about?""None. He's a quiet boy but otherwise healthy. I think it's great that he's made such Shy Lolita Toplist a close friend in Jared. I don't think he'll give you any trouble.""I'm sure he won't."With the conversation conclude I informed the boys that Denny was staying all weekend to the delight of all three."Sean, can I talk to you in private for a minute?" Jared asked me."Sure buddy."We moved to the living room. "Sean, I've got a big favor to ask you. OK?" Jared asked."Fire away buddy, what's up?" I replied.", can we go skinny dipping?""With Denny you mean?""Yes. He wants to but I don't know how to do it with you around.""I see. Do you and Denny `play' like we do?" I asked calmly but secretly found myself excited.Jared lowered his head, "Yes, we do. Is that OK?""Sure it's OK. Shy Lolita Toplist Does Ian know?" I asked."Oh sure, he plays with us too." Jared replied. "We three have only fooled around together a couple of times. We just started getting sexy with each other about 2-weeks ago.""I see. What do you guys do?""Most suck and jerk off. Denny's watched Ian and me fuck but he's not ready for that yet."I was pleased and scared at the same time. I was also impressed with Jared's restraint and maturity."You guys don't have any plans to include me in anything do you? I can't you know.""Why not, Denny's cool. He'd never tell anyone about it and he thinks you're hot and we've told him about your cock.""You WHAT!" I said angrily. "You know the rules; you're to NEVER discuss our situation with anyone!" I said.Jared looked close to tears and his face reddened."I swear I didn't mean for him to find out but Ian let it slip and Denny was very excited by it. He's really excited by the idea of seeing your cock and playing with you." Jared said.I calmed down realizing that the `cat was out of the bag' for over a week and nothing had happened. I should have also realized that with Ian being such an imp that something likes this was bound to happen. Their trust in Denny didn't appear misplaced."It's OK Jared. I'm sorry I snapped at you. I need to talk to Ian but you boys have to be very careful about what you say. You realize what could happen if an adult found out about us. Right?""Sure, Mom would go to jail for a long-time. So would you and Amy." Jared said. "We haven't told Denny about Mom or Amy. We're not that stupid."I smiled at him. "I'm glad to hear that. Let's not let that slip. OK?""Sure." Jared relied relaxing visibly."So how do you do you want to handle this?" I asked anxious to hear what Jared wanted me to do.Jared went on to explain that he thought that I should let them go skinny dipping and then when they came in, maybe we could play a game. I knew what Jared meant by `game.' The three of us sometimes played sexy games. We'd dress up in costumes, and play a game before we all grew aroused and started our sex play. I would, for example, pretend to be an Indian Brave captured by Ian and Jared. I'd wear nothing but a makeshift loin cloth. The boys would dress up as cowboys and `capture' me and then `exam' me. Sometimes we'd dress up as superheroes. The boys had lots of Halloween costumes and we cut them up to make them sexier. For example, Ian had a `Batman' costume where he would wear a cowl, cape, boots, a utility belt and nothing else. Jared wore a Spiderman costume which was very tight and showed off his cock and balls. I sometimes wore a red, very small, Speedo with a red cape and pretend to be Superman saving the boys from danger. This playing was, for us, a form of foreplay. We'd play for a while, we'd either start off erect or grow erect during the play and end up fooling around. We didn't do this that often but the boys enjoyed it a great deal and Ian in particular loved to mix innocent play with sexual activity.I agreed with Jared's plan. I let the boys go skinny dipping while I made dinner (OK, I ordered pizza but what am I, a chef?). While the boys frolicked in the pool, I watched from inside the house. I got a good look at a naked Denny when he jumped out of the pool to retrieve an errant ball. His cock, flaccid at this point, was nicely sized and hung over a small set of hairless balls. He had no pubic hair to speak of and has the thin musculature of a developing pre-pubescent male. He wasn't tanned all over and a clear tan line showed off his private parts. The sun was beating down on Central Georgia that day and I was worried about him getting a sunburn which would be hard to explain to his folks.Before I went ahead, however, I called Lisa on her mobile."Hi, you busy?" I asked."Sort of...I'm on a short break. What's up?" Lisa asked."The boys are all fine but you should know that Jared and Ian are very friendly with Denny." I said warily."By friendly, you mean "friendly" like we are?" Lisa asked."Yes, that's exactly what I mean. And to make matters worse, Jared told Denny about my `little friend' and he wants us to all play." I continued.To my relief Lisa chuckled. "I wouldn't call him a `little' friend. Do you think he's safe? Do you want to? Listen to me, you're a guy...of course you want to." Lisa rambled."I think he's safe and the boys have kept you and Amy out of it. At least for now. Do you want play with Denny?" I asked."I'm obviously concerned about a number of things but it's OK with me if you and Amy play with Denny. I'm going to stay out of it and I'd like him home before I get home. OK?" Lisa said.I agreed and we hung up.After talking to Lisa, I felt better about the situation and decided to be a bit more aggressive than we'd planned.I walked out on the deck wearing a thin pair of long exercise type shorts without anything underneath. Knee length, they were neither sexy nor tight. They were, however, very thin and with nothing underneath the outline of my shaft and the head of cock were very noticeable."Hey guys, I need Denny to put on some sun screen. We don't want him going home Sunday with an all over sun burn do we?" I called out to the boys.The boys swam over to me. Denny's face showed concern."Sean, we're skinny dipping. Denny's got nothing on." Jared said."That's OK with me; I was your age once. I just need him to put on sunscreen to make sure he doesn't get sunburn. OK? I'll leave the sunscreen here on the table if Denny's shy around me."When I turned and started to walk away, I couldn't help but notice Denny staring at my crotch. I had no doubt he could see the obvious outline of my limp cock with its pronounced head. I had Shy Lolita Toplist to concentrate to keep Shy Lolita Toplist from growing erect."Um Sean, could you put the sun screen on him? He won't be able to reach his backside." Jared asked in a sing song voice I knew foretold exciting things to cum."Sure I guess, up out of the water Denny." I said as calmly as I could.Denny smiled knowing at Jared who shot back an equally knowing glance. Denny hopped out of the water holding is hands in front of himself."It's OK Denny, it's just us guys." I said as I applied the sunscreen to his shoulders, back and eventually his stark white buttocks and upper thighs. "Turn around buddy, let me do your front." I said.Denny turned around his hands still modestly placed in front of his privates. I casually applied sunscreen to his chest, stomach and thighs and the said: "you need to do your privates, they'll burn too." I said smiling at him.Denny smiled back at me and slowly moved his hands away exposing his fully erect 4" boy cock.From the pool, Jared said: "Put it on is dick Sean."I looked at Denny who gave me a knowing smile. His cocklet was rock hard and throbbed in concert with his heart beat. His face was flushed and his breathing erratic. He was obviously highly aroused. As I turned my attention to his cock, I noticed a bead of pre-cum forming at the tip. I applied the sunscreen to his cock and balls and began to masturbate him. He instinctively responded by moving his hips back and fourth and moaning slightly. I wasn't sure he could make sperm or not and kept up my pace till he announced: "Oh Sean, you better stop, I'm gonna cum!"With that, I kept jerking him off till he shot a nice load of boy cum. I directed his load onto my chest. His knees buckled and he almost fell to the ground.After he `recovered' from his orgasm, Denny jumped into the pool to clean off. I stood up and began to pull down my shorts. My rock hard cock was an unmistakable tent. Just before I would pulled them down, Jared called out: "Sean, don't let Denny see `him' yet. Denny, cover your eyes."I then followed Jared and Ian's instructions and pulled my shorts down while Denny had his back to me. My cock was only inches from the back of his head so when he was told to turn around, my 10 inch long and very thick cock was staring him in the face! Denny's face showed surprise. I'm sure that in his 12 years of life, he'd never seen a cock like mine.Denny instinctively reached over and took a hold of my shaft as if to make sure it was real. He pulled on my shaft sending a wave of pleasure though me. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of my piss slit."Let's go inside." Ian said excitedly.The 4 of us, all hard, dried off and went into the house. Jared and Ian took charge in a way. Their plan for us included me dressing up as an Indian Brave and the boys would dress as cowboys. I was to hide within the house and they'd find me.I left the boys in their room and put on the makeshift loin cloth we'd made earlier that summer. It was essentially two strips of cloth tied to a string which went around my waist. The strips of cloth barely covered my cock and my butt crack. If I was hard there was no way the cloth could conceal my cock. Flaccid, as I was at this moment, it covered my shaft but was very revealing. I also put on a head dress of sorts with one fake feather. I know I looked ridiculous but the boys really enjoyed these games and I'm not so old that I don't enjoy playing too. Frankly the sexual side of this was almost secondary to us. The build up and the playfulness of the game were very enjoyable in themselves.I put on my costume and hid in a closest in under the stairwell. It took the boys about 10 minutes to find me. When the closet door opened the boys were a sight to behold! Ian was wearing a pair of cowboy boots, a vest, a `Woody' style cowboy hat, and a hard on. Around his small waist was a double gun rig with fringe hanging down. His western style vest was buttoned up. His rock hard erection pointed up at the ceiling. Jared Shy Lolita Toplist was dressed as `black Bart'. He wore black cowboy boots, a 1 gun rig around his waist, a black scarf around his neck and a black cowboy hat pulled down low. His boycock was rock hard too. Denny, went for the rustic, cowboy look. He wore boots, chaps, and a 1 gun rig slung low across his hips. He wore a red bandana and had his hat back on his head. The boys fixed him up with their costumes. He was hard as a rock and the sight was very sexy to me.I tried my best to keep my erection down as the boys ordered me out of hiding place at gun point. I pretended I couldn't understand them as they took me into the den and ordered me to sit on a chair. They then proceeded to tie me up. My cock was still covered by the narrow strip of cloth and I remained limp despite there being 3 nearly naked, fully erect boys around me. The boys `yelled' at me that I was dirty `Injun' and that I'd better tell them where I'd hidden their stolen horses (Their imaginations were quite vivid).I still pretended to not understand them and played scared. Ian said: "I bet I can get him to talk." With that Ian dropped to his knees and moved between my legs. He lifted up my loin cloth and lifted up my rapidly growing cock putting it in his mouth. "I get if I bring him close to cumming, he'll tell us what we wanna know!" He then started sucking on my cock. I was instantly hard and moaned in delight.The chair I was tied to (I could break free easily, the knot wasn't that tight, it was for fun after all) was low enough that each boy could stand beside my head and then playfully grabbed my head and took turns `forcing' me to suck their hard cocks.I alternated sucking two cocks as Ian went to town on my swollen shaft. I soon felt my own orgasm rising and called out that I was gonna cum. Ian, staying in character and with our scenario, pulled off my cock leaving it pulsing with excitement and covered with his saliva and pre-cum. "Now you'll talk you dirty Injun." Ian said. "If you want to cum, you'll tell where you put our horses.""Yeah, you better tell us or we won't let you suck our cocks anymore." Jared added as he rubbed his cock across my cheeks and chin.Denny was, as usual, quiet but was smiling broadly. His cock was very hard he was stroking it.In a pathetic Indian accent which was border line racist, I said: "I talk. I need cum. Please suck big Indian cock.""First tell us where you put our horses' boy." Denny said at last getting into the game and into character."I put horses in canyon by river where eagles fly." I said once again insulting every Native American."I knows where that is." Ian said holding my throbbing cock in his hand. "It'll take us 3 days of hard ridin' to git there.""Show `nuff." Jared added. "We should punish him don't ya think?""Let's fuck `em." Ian said standing up. "Me first.""OK let's untie him." Denny said in his fake western accent.The boys untied me and made me lay on my back on the couch (They know I like to be fucked when I'm on my back) and I pulled my legs back. Jared ran upstairs, his hardon bouncing as he ran up the stairs. Jared was back a few minutes later with the KY. He expertly lubed up his brother's cock and my anus. Ian then moved between my legs and pushed his boy cock into my anus. He fucked me hard and fast. His 4" cock didn't hurt and his enthusiasm was really exciting. Both Jared and Denny stroked hard cocks while Ian fucked me. Ian came quickly and pulled out of my dilated anus. Shy Lolita Toplist Since he can shot cum, his cocklet stayed hard. Jared told Denny, "You fuck him next."Denny positioned himself between my up-turned legs and slowly pushed his 5" cock into me. He'd never fucked anyone in his life and a look of surprised pleasure came across his face. It was priceless. I was pulling on my own cock as he pushed into me. Instinct took over and he fucked me with increasing force and speed. "Oh my gosh this feels so good!" Denny cried out looking at Jared. "I told you it was great didn't I?" Jared replied pulling on his own cock. "Oh yeah...awesome!" Denny agreed.I was soon feeling my own orgasm building up. I stopped stroking my cock as Denny picked up the pace and increased his pounding. His face was a mask of passion has he slammed into my hot ass. Both Ian and Jared were watching intently masturbating furiously.Denny's orgasm built quickly and he unloaded into my tight ass a healthy load of boy cum. His orgasm brought the other boys off too as Jared unloaded his cum onto my chest and face. Although he's just cum, Ian came too shaking and panting.I was the only one left who hadn't cum and I was desperate to do so. Jared and Ian broke character: "You need to see Sean cum, he makes so much and shoots so far!" They said excitedly."Guys, I'm a normal guy, OK?" I said.Jared then recommended that I shoot across their Mom's glass top coffee table.I stood at one end and began jerking off. I asked Jared to suck Denny's cock so I could watch. The sight of the two 12 year olds sucking cock was enough to bring me off and I shot a massive load across the top of the table. My cum flew several feet across the top of the glass and it was more than I'd remembered shooting recently."WOW!" that's a huge load!" Denny exclaimed.We all collapsed into a pile and relaxed for a few minutes. Jared even dozed off for a few moments. I got up first and made the boys a snack. As I was preparing the snack, Ian came into the room naked, his penis limp."Can Amy come over?" He asked."I don't you want her to?" I replied suddenly thrilled at the prospect of her `meeting' Denny. I knew Amy would love to be fucked by 4 hard cocks."I'll call her and ask. OK?" I went on."'s just that Denny's never seen a naked girl and he's really excited about seeing her." Ian said rapidly."I see. Would Denny do more than look at her?" I teased."Sure he'd love to fuck you think Amy would let him?" Ian asked hopefully."If I know Amy, she'll fuck us all. Let me call her." I answered.I called Amy at work on her cell and told her about Denny. I didn't go into detail but Amy pressed and seemed very anxious to meet him. She said she'd be over around 8 PM as she'd get another co-worker to close up.It was actually closer to 7:30 when Amy showed up. She rang the bell and then let herself in (she has a house key). I met her naked and limp and pulled her into the kitchen."Where are the boys?" She asked taking off her clothes."Hold on honey...the boys wants Denny's first time to be really special. Are you willing to play along?" I asked."Sure what do they have in mind?" She asked."We played cowboys and Indians earlier today and they want to pretend that you're the schoolmarm and that I capture you as a Indian savage. They'll rescue you and then you'll `reward' Denny." "Is that OK?" I asked hopefully."Oh my." Amy said in a credible southern accent. "Whatever am I to do?" "What should I wear?" She asked. (What a team player she is!)Amy then took off all her clothes and put on a southern bell dress which Lisa owned. The dress buttoned up the front and she left all the buttons undone exposing her breasts. Her erect nipples showed through the fabric easily. Pulling her hair into pig tails the effect was highly erotic and I immediately grew erect."I see `he' likes this look, maybe I'll dress this way from now on." Amy teased me."You'll get no argument from me." I said naked and erect."You won't be able to put on your costume with a hardon." Amy pointed out.Amy then sat down at a kitchen table, pulled up her dress, exposing her pussy, and began to masturbate. She was VERY wet.I took her cue and jerked off watching her and soon dropped a huge load of cum on the tile floor. She came a few moments later and gathered herself together while I got back into costume. The loin cloth is attached to my waist with a length of rope and is very skimpy. Shy Lolita Toplist The front covers my cock but just barely and the back only covers the crack of my butt.I took Amy out to the living room and tied her to the floor using rope and some improvised skewers from the kitchen. I pulled her dress up mid thigh and left her breasts hidden from full view. I then stood over and pretended to yell at her.Meanwhile, back at the ranch...the boys came downstairs once again dressed as cowboys. All three boys fully erect. Denny's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Amy laying there. Amy is a beautiful women and I can't imagine what was going through his mind. His first look at a naked woman in the flesh and it's my super hot, horny, kinky, bisexual girlfriend! What a rush!The boys then charged me and a mock battle ensued. I lost of course and the boys the `freed' Amy from her bounds. Amy, totally into her character, thanked the boys and then engaged Denny."Howdy Cowboy, I'm Miss Amy." She said."Pleased to meet you ma'am. I'm Denny." He replied shyly. His 6" cock standing up proud."That's quite a cock you've got there cowboy. Can I touch it?" She asked meekly."Sure." Denny replied. What else would he say?With that Amy stroked his cock and it leaked pre cum everywhere. Amy leaned in and took the throbbing shaft into her mouth. She sucked him for a few moments, a look of utter bliss on his face before pulling off. A trail of saliva followed her lips."Would you like to see me naked?" Amy asked innocently."Sure would ma'am." Denny replied politely.With that, Amy pulled off her dress and lay down on the floor opening her legs.All pretense of the `game' over, I kneeled down next to her and briefly described Amy's vagina to him. Showing him her clit, the pink folds of her pussy, her anus and then her breasts. He was fascinated and paid rapt attention to her body.Amy's pussy was dripping wet and I knew the best way to get this started was for him to fuck her and fuck her now."Why don't you fuck her?" I asked, my own cock fully erect and pulsing."Yeah, fuck her." Ian said as he stroked his own erection."Please fuck me with your big cock." Amy said. Denny didn't need to be told twice; he then moved between Amy's creamy thighs and positioned himself for the `attack'. Amy took a hold of his cock and guided him into her. Denny's butt cheeks clenched and released in rhythm as he began to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Amy, for her part, wrapped her legs around Denny and pulled them back allowing him to penetrate her pussy deeply. Denny's sopping wet cock moved in/out of her tight, wet, pussy.Denny didn't last long, no one could expect him to given the circumstances, as he grunted and groaned depositing a respectable load of boy cum in Amy's pussy. Amy for her part, wasn't done with him and instead rolled him on to his back and straddled him. She began rocking back and fourth on his still hard boy cock rubbing her clit against his smooth, teenage boy stomach. Amy soon had her own orgasm.After Denny pulled out, a rock hard Ian jumped into take his place. He pushed his little boy cock into Amy's pussy and began to hump away. Amy, a smile on her face, pulled Ian into her by grabbing his hips and pulling him in. Ian lasted only moments longer than Denny and was soon shuddering with the feelings of his orgasm. Ian pulled out then Amy asked Jared, who watched the whole time playing with his own hard cock if he'd like to fuck her. Jared, a wicked smile on his face, moved between her legs and pushed his cock into her. Amy wrapped her legs around him as he pounded her. After a few minutes, Jared tensed up and deposited a second load of boy cum into her pink pussy.Despite having just been fucked by 3 boys and having two loads of cum in her pussy, Amy looked at me and my raging erection and asked me it I'd finish her off. I then had her get on her hands and knees and took her doggie style playing with her anus while I fucked her with long, slow strokes. As I fucked her, Amy reached under herself and played with her clit. She came before me and I picked up the pace and shot a 3rd load of cum into her.Afterward we headed to the pool where we cleaned up and relaxed. Amy and I left the boys and we headed into the house to order pizza (The boys would eat pizza 3 times a day if given a chance!).It was nearly 10PM before the boys had eaten their fill and we packed them off to bed. The boys went to their room and after brushing their teeth, they got into the big bed Jared and Ian share. The boys were all naked of course and I expected them to fool around one more time before turning in. As I walked out of the room I turned to see little Ian going down on Denny's man-sized cock with his brother Jared watching.I walked down the hall to the room Amy and I used when we stay over (Lisa doesn't like us to stay in her room). I found Amy laying in bed, naked, watching TV. She had a glass of wine on the bedside table."How are you feeling?" I asked."I'm good. I'm a little sore and leaking. I haven't Shy Lolita Toplist been gang banged in long time." She said smiling."Let me see." I asked.Amy, smiling knowingly, opened her leg and pulled them back exposing her very red and swollen pussy. At the base of her vagina a pool of while cum had collected and was dripping down towards her puckered anus. A spot had formed on the bed clothes."That's a lot of cum." I said.Smiling she asked me if I'd like to help her clean up. I wasn't shocked but frankly `creampies' weren't necessarily my thing but she seemed aroused and I do enjoy swallowing cum so I agreed and moved between her legs. I sucked and licked her pussy while she rubbed her clit and I swallowed as much of the cum from her pussy as I could while she brought herself to a nice orgasm.Exhausted, I ignored my latest hardon and instead settled into a deep, deep sleep.I woke the next morning around 9 AM. Rested and ready for the day. The bed was empty next to me so I rose and went downstairs. I found a huge mess in the kitchen was greeted by the smell of pancakes and bacon.I found the 3 boys sitting Indian style in front of the TV, naked and watching a super hero cartoon. I found Amy, equally nude, sitting on the patio reading the day's paper.After saying `hi' to the boys I went out on the patio."Hey, I've got to get home, get cleaned up and back to work. I made the boys breakfast. Lisa should be home this afternoon. The boys were all hard this AM but I only Denny fuck me since Jared and Ian can fuck me anytime." Amy said it all coming out in one breath."Sure. Thanks for making breakfast, anything left for me?" I said smiling."Of course, I wouldn't forget my boyfriend; you need to feed that thing." She said looking down at my flaccid cock.Smiling I went into the kitchen and helped myself to a large portion or pancakes and bacon. I then saw off Amy as she rushed to get home and then to work.After Amy left I made my way upstairs and entered the boy's room. I found them, naked, playing a video game on the floor."Boys, your Mom will be home in a couple of hours. I need you all to clean up around the house starting with this room. OK?""Sure but can we finish this game first?" Jared asked.The boys then cleaned the house including the kitchen and vacuuming. Their room wasn't perfect but for them it was a major improvement. After about an hour of cleaning they entered the den where I was sitting, naked, watching a pro football game."We're done. Can we all play a little before Mom gets home?" Ian asked idly playing with his erect boycock."Denny, you need to be gone before their Mom shows up. OK? That's going to be in about 2 hours so if you guys want to fool around, you better get after it." I said smiling.All 3 boys, fully erect, ran out of the den and up to their room. As Denny ran upstairs he called out over his shoulder and asked: "Can you play too?"I smiled and said: "Be right up."End Chapter III. More to cum? Please email me and let me
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